Director Dan Ireland


"...Frank whom I had the privilege of mentoring earlier this year at the Directors Playhouse in West Los Angeles.

Frank is a tremendously gifted actor whom through out his time at The Director’s Playhouse showed great focus, dedication and commitment to his craft.  His ability and outright freedom as an actor to give himself over completely to which ever character he was inhabiting was beyond impressive, and clearly the mark of someone to watch.

I am a film director, producer and co-founder of the Seattle International Film Festival. During my career I've been blessed with working (and introducing) with such talents as Jessica Chastain, Renee Zellweger, Rupert Friend, Emmy Rossum, Thomas Jane and a few others.

In my opinion, anyone who has the opportunity to work with Frank should not hesitate to do so. He is an actor that is surprising, inventive and inspiring. That in itself is a rare thing indeed and one to be cherished.."



Fontana Butterfield

AAU Teacher

"Frank is filled with passion for his craft. He is incredibly inquisitive, hard working and diligent in his pursuit of the truth in acting."



Paul Finocchiaro

Instructor, A.C.T

"Frank is a former student of mine at Studio ACT, acting classes for adults at the American Conservatory Theartre in San Francisco. I found him to be a very bright young man with a real passion for acting. He was committed, prepared, and giving of all his fellow students. He took instruction well and was able to apply it immediately, He showed good concentration and vivid imagination. I recommend him highly."